DECEMBER 21, 2019
ROCKWiRED ViDEO BLAST: FEATURiNG NEW MUSiC ViDEOS FROM BLUE MOViE, JEFF CARLSON BAND, KRASHKARMA, DARK STATION, MICHAEL HORNBUCKLE BAND, CHURCH OF THE COSMiC SKULL AND LORD NELSON & SEB L!!! the past couple of weeks ROCKWIRED has done a serviceable job in proving that it is back for the long haul. In our absence one of the editorial features that we wanted to get back to was our VIDEO BLAST feature where we search FACEBOOK for music videos by independent artists to single out for our readership. Some of the videos we picked this week are from bands that have come around ROCKWIRED's way in the past and the rest are brand spanking new to us such as CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL, JEFF CARLSON BAND and DARK STATION. The familiar faces include the likes of BLUE MOVIE, KRASHKARMA, MICHAEL HORNBUCKLE BAND and LORD NELSON & SEB L. Even with MTV having morphed into god knows what, music videos are more important than ever in helping to brand a band and forge an identity outside of the music. It's been a formula that has worked for decades but in an era where artists really have to rise above a ton of white noise on the internet and social media, it's damned essential.

CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL - SORCERY & SABOTAGE their penchant for the most dazzling white outfits this side of ABBA and a sound that brings to mind everything from ELO to THE WHO and STARLAND VOCAL BAND, the CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL looks like a church I would actually go to, but I wouldn't drink the KOOL AID. This seven piece band hails from Nottingham and are indeed a welcome presence on the current active rock stratosphere. Their single COLD SWEAT was my first introduction to this band but SORCERY & SABOTAGE is their latest offering and it continues the 5th DIMENSION motif of the former video.

MICHAEL HORNBUCKLE BAND - WITCHES WORE BLACK HORNBUCKLE's brand of blues rock has always been heavier on the blues side but with this new single WITCHES WORE BLACK, he keeps the procedings funky and demonstrates some mean shredding by the time it comes to the guitar solo. Shot in stark black and white, the finger snapping slow burner lays out all that is messed up about the human condition from class warfare to the politicians that keep the warfare going through their indifference. It's a simple, well edited performance video that lays down a situation through the music only. HORNBUCKLE directed the video and KYLE LAMAR is credited with the videography.

BLUE MOVIE - BROKEN MACHINES MOVIE released their album BROKEN MACHINES over a year ago but they saved this rather fine video for the album's title track. In this video we learn that a computer repair girl meddling in withcraft is someone you do not want to mess with. With some cool looking voodoo dolls made out of computer parts, she seeks to ruin BLUE MOVIE's performance of BROKEN MACHINES by making them bleed. But little does she know that all of that blood only makes the sexiest looking progressive rock band out of New York City look even sexier. Drummer LISA FOERDERER lays down the heavy metal thunder as always (and check out her arms!) while guitarist TONY PARIS makes the six string sound like something more than that while managing to showcase some amazing stage presence. Singer ANTHONY NOTO has some serious pipes and knows how to move in front of a band and steal the show. BLUE MOVIE has never been lacking in the videogenic department but even for them this is a standout clip!

KRASHKARMA - THE ONE WHO KNOCKS favorites KRASHKARMA pay tribute to the Duke City and to our proudest export, the now classic series BREAKING BAD and its antihero lead WALTER WHITE. Hell, they even rented a camper and got suited up for cooking blue meth. Now I really feel terrible for not catching up with them when they came to Albuquerque on the night that STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER premiered, but these road dogs have an entire country to play for, I'm sure. Guitarist RALF DIETEL and drummer NIKI SKISTIMAS trade off with vocal performances that are just a strong as their chops on both guitar and drums respectively. WALTER WHITE would've been proud.

LORD NELSON & SEB L - STILL ALIVE STUCK MOJO front man LORD NELSON sent me this music video while ROCKWIRED was on hiatus so I'm just getting around to sharing it. In 2018, NELSON and guitarist SEB L released the album BACK ON THE ROAD and the released this music video a few months ago and now I'm sorry I didn't share the thing sooner. Illustrated in video game-styled CGI, the video demonstrates the symbiosis between man and machine. The video's heroine (or is she a nemsis?) is a fired haired nymph with machine parts, but singer LORD NELSON and guitarist SEB L are cybernetic beings as well. The haunting video is effective and goes hand in hand with the music punctuated by SEB L's blistering guitar work and NELSON' muted delivery which makes the song sound more like an incantation than a metal tune. 

DARK STATION - VILLAIN'll always be the villain in me!" is a chorus with one hell of a sting in its tail and DARK STATION's front man NATHAN SPADES truly brings that sentiment to life in this video. Trust me when I say he sells the tortured look. This video has all of the hallmarks for nu metal angst from the dark, gritty warehouse to the lense flares, the hold up and in a liquor and our antihero being consumed by flames in the end.

JEFF CARLSON BAND - SCREAMING INSIDE Las Vegas-based metal band has just signed on the dotted line with the RFL RECORDS label and are looking to release an album in early 2020. If this video is any indication of things to come, 2020 is going to be the year for JEFF CARLSON BAND. This performance video sums up the band's chops and gives the band a fine display thanks to whoever the videographer and editor are. ROCKWIRED can't wait to get to know this band better. Lush is a music industry professional and entrepreneur. In 2005 he launched the online music site to help promote new music artists in conjunction with the weekly radio show Rockwired Live which aired on KTSTFM.COM from 2005 - 2009. In 2010 He launched the daily podcast series Rockwired Radio Profiles which features exclusive interviews and music. He has also developed and produced the online radio shows Jazzed and Blue - Profiles in Blues and Jazz, Aboriginal Sounds - A Celebration of American Indian and First Nations Music, The Rockwired Rock N Roll Mixtape Show and The Rockwired Artist of the Month Showcase. In 2012, Brian Lush and his company Rockwired Media LLC launched the monthly digital online publication Rockwired Magazine. The magazine attracts over 75,000 readers a month and shows no signs of stopping. Rockwired Magazine also bares the distinction of being the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. Brian Lush is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. Brian Lush's background in music journalism, radio and podcast hosting, podcast production, web design, publicity, advertising sales, social media and online marketing, strategic editorial planning and branding have all made Rockwired a name that is trusted and respected throughout the independent music industry.