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Over four years ago, DALI VAN GOGH was one of the first bands to be featured in the pages of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE. The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based hard rock band had endeared themselves to us with their D.I.Y. ethic, their ability to create a beautiful noise while being far away from anything that one would consider "music industry" and guitarist and founder ISAAC KENT's drive to stick with the dream of rock n roll glory despite DALI VAN GOGH's numerous line up changes up to that point. Eventually the band had come apart due to the usual things that keep a band apart and ISAAC KENT unopened up a recording studio and launched a record label also nicked DALI VAN GOGH and turned his attention toward being a producer and music entrepreneur.  His DALI VAN GOGH label went on to sign numerous artists and KENT's  road to being a musical giant seemed like it had survived those initial shaky steps until a fire had destroyed both his home, studio and livelihood. Losing everything in the fire forced KENT to take a long hard look at his life and where it needed to go next and making DALI VAN GOGH a band once again. Now, ISAAC KENT and DALI VAN GOGH are back. Even if the all of the members - with the exception of KENT - are new there is something incredibly familiar while being new at the same time. Like the old FORD slogan went "The Pride is Back!" and you can hear it loud and clear on the bands glorious new single GOD HELP ME (I LIKE IT) released on their own HOUSE FIRE RECORDS (get it?). This is more than mere brand recognition or a comeback of sorts. This is a band that has found it's way home and we can't wait to hear more.

ROCKWIRED had a chance to get re-acquainted with ISAAC KENT of DALI VAN GOGH regarding the the new line up, the new single and the new music coming from the band. Here is how the interview went.

I still remember the FACEBOOK message you sent me about your studio being destroyed in a fire. And  now it sounds like all is well and what's even better is that DALI VAN GOGH is back as a band.  Some people say that they've "been through the fire but you it seems to be true. And so have the name DALI VAN GOGH.
It's been one heck of a ride. I kept the name going as a record label after the band had broken up  but when we had that fire it was like a wake up call. I lost everything. The studio, musical equipment and my whole house as well. It was a real kick in the teeth. If I was going to do DALI VAN GOGH again now was the time. I would've died in that fire. According tot he fireman, if I had been in there 30 seconds longer I would've been dead. It was pretty crazy. Eighteen months later the band is very happy to be back. We've got a show in five days. It's both exciting and nerve-wracking. It's all kinds of emotions but it's all good.

What caused the fire?
It was a freak thing. It was those curly-whirly energy efficient light bulbs. In Canada, there are hundreds of brands. After the fire, the fireman told us that only three of those brands  are any good or are what the fire department would consider safe. One of those light bulbs heated up in my vocal booth which was all covered in flammable sound foam. It set the foam on fire and everything else. I was in the room fifteen minutes before it went up in flames. It was crazy. I was on the phone with my father and just as i hung up I noticed my dog was petrified. I heard what sounded like a vacuum cleaner . I looked up and the whole studio was in flames. It was crazy but we got through it. The band is up and running and we've got a brand new state-of-the-art recording studio. It's the only one built in Halifax as a recording studio from the ground up. We're better and stronger than ever.

How easy or difficult was it to get everyone back together for DALI VAN GOGH?
With the exception of me, none of the old members are in the band. It's completely new line up. This is no slight on any of the old members. With regard to the time it took to get things off the ground after the fire, peoples lives move on. Our former bass player SCOTT TURNBULL and drummer SEAN SAWLER ended up playing together in TRI-CITY VILLIANS which was the first band I  signed to the DALI VAN GOGH record label. Nowadays, SCOTT is playing with me again in a side project of mine. It's a grunge rock tribute band . MARCEL is playing in a band now called MONSTERS  ARE HUMAN who've got a new record coming out next year. The new guys are young guys. For years I was the youngest member but these new guys are in their mid-twenties  with the exception of our new lead singer JOHN SCOTTO. He's a classically trained vocalist and stage performer who studied Theater in Prince Edward Island. He's very flamboyant and fun onstage. JAAD STEWART is the new drummer and he's the most well-rounded drummer I've ever worked with. He can play anything from progressive metal jazz to blues, rock, funk and country. DEVON ROBERTS is our backing vocalist and keyboard player. He's just having a great time melodically. This band is giving him the opportunity to experiment more with melody and his playing is the glue that is holding our rhythm section together. We had a jam session the other day and the keyboard broke and man was there a difference . There were no keys in DALI VAN GOGH before . He has filled in the sound so much it's amazing. CYRUS ROBERTSON-ORKISH is our new bass player . He is a 19-year-old prodigy. He is a brilliant bass player who also plays mandolin, guitar and drums. He's probably the best musician in the band. He's a better guitar player than I am but he plays bass and he blows our minds constantly. I'm proud of this new line-up. They had some big shoes to fill as you know. We were no slouches before but now the band has taken another big step up.  We've got our first show coming up this Friday. I'm excited to be hitting the stage again.

And you guys have a great new single with GOD HELP ME (I LIKE IT).
It wasn't supposed to be a single  at first. We wrote it three weeks before it came out. It almost came out of nowhere. The drummer JAAD also plays guitar . He's got this prog rock background and he sent me this demo. It was nine minutes long with a million different parts in it. I took out the pieces that made the most sense and made a hard rock tune out of it. We put it together in a jam session. The vocalist JOHN had lyrics for a song called GOD HELP ME (I LIKE IT). There was no melody or anything. It was just lyrics. From there the song came together so fast. In the end, the sound was so well rounded that it became an obvious choice for a single.

Any plans for a video?
We've put out a lyric video . We had not time to do a real one because we rushed this song out. We will be doing one for it at some point. When we do we're going to be going for a BONNIE & CLYDE motif. We're still figuring out how to do that. For the nest single we've scripted out a video . It'll be a  rip on your country's politics right now between TRUMP and HILLARY. It'll be controversial but it'll be a cool video.  We plan to have that one out by the end of the month.

So are you guys just going to take things single by single or is there an album on the horizon?
We planned to have an album out by now but it took a month for everything at the studio to get squared away. We eventually decided that e didn't want to promote an album during the Canadian winter. Instead we're going to release four singles and then release the album FROM ASHES in the spring of 2017 and then do a CD release tour.

And so far what have been the reactions to the single?
It's been amazing. Our goal was to get ten thousand plays in a month and  now we're at halfway and it's only been a week since we've posted it. It's been unbelievably positive. We've got people clamoring. We've got people wanting to order t-shirts. It's all happening very fast. We hoped but we didn't expect this kind of reaction that we're getting from the single. It's been amazingly positive. We couldn't be happier about it.






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